The Pop Up Chapel was conceived by a group of friends, tipsily celebrating the fantastic news that all New Yorkers are finally able to enjoy marriage equality. The first weekend after same-sex marriage becomes legal, we will host New York City’s largest pop-up chapel in New York City and will legally wed 24 wonderful couples at Merchant's Gate in Central Park, from 10:30 am to 8 pm.



This past Saturday, I volunteered as a photographer at Pop Up Chapel, which was held at the Merchant’s Gate in Central Park. I am so glad I did, even though I was still hurting a bit from my injured back. 24 couples who, up until a few weeks ago, were not legally allowed to wed in the state of New York, were married in beautiful ceremonies to the cheers of their loved ones & complete strangers who lined the fences to watch.

I’ll be posting more photos later today, but in the meantime here’s a shot I took while standing in one of the two beautiful chapels, called “The Ribbon.”

See more of Melissa’s great photos here.



Pop Up Chapel was 24 celebrations of marriage equality in Central Park on July 30th, 2011. A gift to NYC from a group of incredible people, The Knot, and a host of other sponsors and supporters. It was a day to remember. Click on the photo to go to my Flickr site and see the complete set. Or watch a slideshow.

Celine is THE BEST. Thank you so much for hooking us up with the fabulous Alma G Salon stylists and for being such a wonderful person!

Pop Up Chapel was an enormous success! A million thank yous to all of our partners, volunteers, cheery passers-by, and most importantly THE AMAZING COUPLES and their friends and families for letting us be a part of such a historical, emotional day.

PUC by the numbers: 24 couples. 48 newlyweds. 288 guests. 288 cupcakes. 14 officiants. 80 volunteers. 30 staffers. 20 photographers = 1 huge celebration for marriage equality!

"Twenty-four gay and lesbian couples were wed Saturday under two “pop-up” chapels designed to celebrate the first full weekend of same-sex marriage in New York.

With every “I do,” jubilant whoops and cheers burst from the crowd, a mix of friends, family and passers-by.

The weddings, although held adjacent to the commotion of New York City’s Columbus Circle, felt comfortably ensconced in Central Park. The event’s organizers reported no protests or disturbances throughout the day.”

 New Yorkers celebrate same-sex marriage in pop-up wedding chapels – This Just In - Blogs


Rory O’Malley, co-founder of Broadway Impact, congratulating the couples getting married today at the Pop Up Chapel in Central Park. 

Tomorrow! 24 couples. 24 weddings. 24 celebrations of marriage quality!

All happening at Merchants Gate at Central Park in Columbus Circle. Come out to celebrate with us and our awesome, awesome couples! Everything kicks off at 10:30 and runs all day. 

If you are near (and dear to) NYC, we’d love to see you out to support!

Meet a Pop Up Chapel couple - Rose & Jen

We’ve been together for 8 years, and there’s never been a moment of doubt - we are meant to spend our lives together. We knew we wanted to get married on our first Valentine’s Day together. Jen was overcome with love and couldn’t imagine a future without Rose. So she proposed. Rose fainted. But she said yes. We’re excited about the opportunity a wedding gives us - to reaffirm and enrich our commitment to one another, to learn about marriage and what it really means for our life together, and to celebrate our love with the people we love best. 

Meet a Pop Up Chapel couple - Jennifer & Amy

We met in 2004, and fell in love minutes later. We are the poster children for U-Haul lesbians everywhere. We find sanctuary in one another and our pets and home. We love camping and other people’s children, and we are devoted to one another. (via Pop Up Chapel - Jennifer & Amy)

 Meet a Pop Up Chapel couple - Natalie & Teresa

We met in January 2008 in our home town of Fort Wayne, Indiana, we found out within a few emails that we knew many people in common and some of our closest and dearest had crossed paths many times. After a whirlwind six week romance, Natalie moved to NYC. Six months later, Teresa joined. We were engaged in February 2011. We were meant to be, no doubt.